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The Drops Of Life

The Drops Of Life

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Drops of Life - How to Market the Drops of Life     

Marketing Method 1 - Your Own Domain Name

If you purchased your first Drops of Life bottle, you should already have your UAL. If you didn’t, click here to purchase and get your UAL(unique affiliate link). Once you have your UAL, select whatever domain name you want. Go to a company that provides domain names such as or and check for availability. For example, let's say the domain name you want is If it is available, buy the domain name or if not available, select a different name until you find one you like and is available. 

Once you've obtained your domain name, you simply forward your domain name to your own UAL. The way you do this is very simple and only takes about 2 minutes. Log into your account at the domain seller's site (where you just got your domain name) and look for the "Forwarding" option. This allows you to forward your domain name to any where you want. 

Find this "Forwarding" function and type in your UAL in the forwarding blank. Hit "submit" and you're done! It may take up to 24 hours for your domain to start forwarding to your UAL. When you give your new domain name to your potential referral, they will be sent to by way of your UAL. This allows the referral to be automatically tracked back to you so you get the credit and the commission. 

Before you begin referring people to your new domain name, make sure you first check to insure the forwarding function is working correctly and your domain name is correctly being forwarded to 

Method 1 - You're Ready - Now, simply give out your new domain name (www.ILoveDropsofLife.comor whatever it is) to any person you feel will benefit from the Drops of Life® or you wish to refer to buy Drops of Life ND-01. You can do this one-on-one or you can recommend your domain name during a lecture to thousands of people. You can advertise it in a classified ad or you can market the domain name traditionally. 

Or you can write a letter or simply send an email to your friends, family and loved ones and tell them your experience with Drops-of-Life. If they have a relationship with you, they will trust what you have to say. Make sure to mention your domain name (example we used is a minimum of 3 times in your letter or email, to insure everyone knows what they should do next. 

When they go to your domain, it will automatically forward them to via your UAL so that you are credited. Since your domain name is forwarded first through your UAL before going to, your prospect can NOT avoid being tracked back to you for credit of the sale. To the end user, all they see is on the top of the webpage. 

Marketing Method 2 - Using A Discount Code 

For this marketing method you will need your UAI (unique affiliate identifier). If you do not have one yet, click here to purchase your first Drops of Life. You will notice that the 4 to 7 digit number at the end of your UAL is your UAI, which will also serve as a discount code for new referrals (only for the first order). 

Method 2 - You're Ready - Give your referral the website ( and tell them they can get a discount by simply entering the discount code 8328 or the code that you give them (your UAI).  The code you give them will allow them to get a $20.00 discount on their first order just to try Drops of Life. They enter this code (your UAI) in the "coupon" field when they place their order. 

Even easier, order your Referral Cards personalized with your UAI and simply hand them out. Remember, this code (which is your UAI) permanently links the referral to you. Every time they order, the computer tracks that this person was referred originally by you and you make a minimum of $22.50 per order, per unit. For example, if they ordered 3 units that month, you get $67.50. 

This happens every month or how ever often they order. There are no limits to the number of people you can refer. And you get paid for your referral 1 month after the order has been shipped.  

If you did not order your Drops of Life yet, please make sure to use discount code 8328 in the shopping cart at the official website so that you could take advantage of the $20 off.