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The Drops Of Life

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The Drops of Life Ingredients and Amino Acids Description

The Drops of Life contain a combination of necessary amino acids to assist the body heal. Here are some of the proprietary nutrients blends of amino acids and what they can help your body with.  


  • This amino acid is utilized as a energy source 
  • Encourages healing of skin and damaged bones 
  • Reducing muscle protein breakdown and helping with the generation of recent muscle tissues 
  • Regulates uptake of natural chemical precursors through the brain along with the discharge of enkephalins, which hinder the passage of discomfort signals in to the central nervous system. 
  • It's an important foundation for a lot of proteins and for that reason supports various healing processes.


  • Has a significant role with the immune system. 
  • Suppresses infections utilized in treating herpes simplex 
  • Helps bone growth by helping form bovine collagen, the " floating " fibrous protein that comprises bone, cartilage along with other ligament. 
  • Lysine and Ascorbic Acid together form L-carnitine, a biochemical that allows muscle tissues to make use of oxygen more effectively, stalling fatigue 
  • Can eliminate blood sugar in patients with Diabetes Type 2 
  • Lower levels can slow protein synthesis, affecting muscle and ligament 


  • Is one of the leading ultraviolet absorbing compounds within the skin  
  • Essential in recuperating from illness and development in children. 
  • Utilized in treating allergic illnesses, rheumatoid arthritis symptoms and digestive stomach problems. 
  • Essential in producing red and white blood cells utilized in treating anemia 
  • It's a foundation for a lot of molecules that contains iron, for instance ferritin.  This function can also be important, because it guarantees an adequate energy supply within the cells and may detox your body of chemical toxins through being able to mix together. 


  • Helps in injuries rehab, formation of bovine collagen and defense mechanisms stimulation 
  • Can increase secretion of blood insulin, glucagon, the body's growth hormones 
  • Accustomed to treat erectile dysfunction. 
  • Precursor of creatine, gamma amino butric acidity/Gamma aminobutyric acid, a natural chemical within the brain 
  • Improve blood insulin resistance in the event of diabetes 
  • Promote better sleep  
  • Arginine is the only reactant for the molecule nitric oxide supplement, which is a vasodilator. Among the qualities of nitric oxide  would be to regulate vascular tone, making certain the elasticity of blood vessels along with a healthy heart.  


  • The main precursor of tyrosine 
  • Utilized in treating some kinds of depression 
  • Improves learning, memory, mood and performance 
  • Inhibits appetite 
  • Is an important factor in producing collagen 


  • Stimulates the release of growth hormones 
  • Precursor of key natural neurotransmitter serotonin 
  • Keeps the amount of serotonin fairly constant throughout your day, permitting enough melatonin to become created out of this serotonin throughout the night. Low levels of L-tryptophan can therefore create problems falling asleep as well as insomnia. 
  • Diminishes appetite and reduces anxiety 
  • An insufficiency within this essential amino acid can result in erratic mood shifts and from time to time even depression, as L-tryptophan carries out important functions within the central nervous system like a producer of messengers. 


  • Assists in building the defense mechanisms and protection against kidney stones.  L-alanine is definitely an effective nutrient supporting a rigorous training regime and get effective muscle growth. 
  • Utilized in cases of hypoglycaemia to avoid the organism from suffering low bloodstream sugar or insuline shocks. They enable rapid energy delivery by stimulating the immediate discharge of glucose in to the bloodstream. 
  • Major intermediate within the glucose alanine cycle, which enables muscles along with other tissue to derive energy from proteins. 
  • Safeguard the prostate itself from an irregular enlargement. 
  • Lessen the swelling from the gland’s tissue, accustomed to treat cancer of the prostate and diabetes.    


  • Helps with the absorption and removal of fats
  • Essential for the heart, boosts the regularity and strength of the heart
  • Enhances sports performance and reaction time
  • May behave as a natural chemical in some regions of the brain and retina
  • Supports blood insulin health
  • Lower cortisol by helping people be less anxious
  • Elevate testosterone production in men, whilst not raising the power of estradiol, an estrogenic hormone.
  • Potent brain nutrient, reduces bloodstream pressure, safeguards the heart, aids in detoxing, and fights inflammation

Glutamic Acid  

  • A significant precursor of glutamine, proline, ornothine, arginine, glutathione, and (GABA) Gamma aminobutyric acid 
  • A possible energy source 
  • Helps you to create so-known as amino sugars, which help the body in combating such things as osteo arthritis, and supports manufacture of glutathione. 
  • Essential in brain metabolic process and metabolic process of other amino acids 
  • Prevents muscle catabolism and enhances your body’s capability to recover throughout sleep. 

  Here is the list with all the proprietary ingredients of the drops of life.

 The Drops of Life Ingredients

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